Stay Profitable...!

Stay Profitable!
Stay Profitable!

Trading Game @ provides insight and assistance. If you don't trade, it's not for you. If you're consistently profitable, cool. If you need to reduce or eliminate the struggle of trading, take a look...

- How to use Elliot Wave theory as a tool, not the holy grail

- How to use volatility to your advantage

- Ways to set simple and effective algorithms for trade assistance

- How to stay on the right side of price action

- Ways of reducing the stresses of trading

- Pattern recognition that the books and Guru's don't teach

- Reaching goals and weaning yourself from Guru's

- How to live a normal life... and trade - effortlessly?

Hint: Maybe work on strategies last? Rewire the way you think, and the rest will follow...

If you're stuck in a hole and depending on time availability, contact me: and between us with hope:) we'll get you back on the right side of price action and profitable again...